CryptoBar P2P Corporate Services
A Ginza hub for crypto enthusiasts and tech innovators
Features of CryptoBar P2P
Crypto-focused environment
As one of the leading crypto-specialized bars in the country, we provide a space for open crypto discussions. It's ideal for hosting exclusive invite-only events.

Convenient location & facilities

With excellent access, just a 1-minute walk from Ginza Station, we offer a private space for up to 15 people. Monitors are available for use. A VIP room is also available as an optional extra.
Support for various payment methods
We accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including various stablecoins. Traditional bank transfers are also welcome.
Customizable presentation
We offer original cocktails and other enhancements to make your events special, providing unique value that only a bar can offer.
Effective PR support
We assist with advertising strategies targeting crypto users and leverage social media for collaborative public relations. Our multifaceted PR approach maximizes the value of your event.
Flexible event support
From planning stages to day-of operations, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs.
Exclusive Rental Fee
If you book your event more than one month in advance, early booking discounts are available.
Standard plan
¥ 110,000
Plan with VIP room included
¥ 198,000
Annual Membership Plan
¥ 0
Corporate annual plan
This plan allows corporate clients who have a contract to use CryptoBar P2P throughout the year.
  • Advertising effectiveness
    Since it's a space where people regularly engage with Crypto/Web3/NFT/BCG, efficient advertising and promotion are possible.
  • Acquiring talented individuals
    An ideal platform for acquiring talent due to the presence of numerous engineers and BizDev professionals knowledgeable about Crypto.
  • Forming connections and networking
    By engaging closely with individuals in the Crypto/Web3 industry, efficient information gathering is possible, and opportunities for partnerships and collaborations often arise.
  • Holder and service user rewards
    This allows us to provide rewards to holders of our own services or NFTs, leading to an enhancement in service value.
Previous Events
We have served numerous projects including CEX, blockchain platforms, Web3 operators, and NFT projects.
VIP room, interior view, drinks, etc.
Enjoy an exclusive private space with sophisticated décor and karaoke facilities for up to 8 people, and a bottle of champagne for VIP room guests as a complimentary service.(P2P Affiliated Bar)
For inquiries or booking, please contact us here.